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Email  editoraam@googlemail.com or phone Paul Egan on 01225 892003


NEWS update 


The Village came together in response to the Covid crisis and there are people who continue to offer help if you are unable to get out to get supplies.

  • Central Stores – Delivery of groceries. Call 01225 891260     

Please note we have a new phone number: 03301200891

This will be running alongside our usual line (01225 891260) in order to relieve phone congestion.  Please continue to place your orders with us over the phone, by messenger or via email: charleymathias94@gmail.com

  • Dr’s Surgery – Delivery of prescriptions. Call 01225 891265
  • Helping Hands – General Help. Call 01225 891216
  • Community Centre Library – Delivery of Books DVD’s and Jigsaw Puzzles. Call 07513 106206
  • Church is open for personal prayer or call Rev. Sally Wheeler for telephone support 01225 892180
  • Marshfield Parish Council – 01225 892102