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Welcome to the AAM information page.

The SUMMER 2021 issue was published at the end of May 2021.

The AUTUMN 2021 issue will be published at the beginning of September.  The Diary Page will cover events in September 2021 to early December 2021.

Please submit all articles / letters for the Autumn 2021 issue by 9am on Thursday 12th August 2021 to or post to:-

All Around Marshfield,
Tolzey Hall,
41 High Street,
Marshfield, Chippenham,
SN14 8LR

We do not have roving reporters and rely on people like you to tell us what is happening.  if nobody tells us then our latest news page stays empty!

If you have anything that could go on our latest news page please let us know – contact 01225 892003 or

Please include your name and address (not for publication)

AAM is a quarterly publication and is financed purely on the advertising revenue and sales of the magazine through shop sales and postal subscribers. Generally around 1000 copies are distributed / sold each quarter.

Information for Contributors
With AAM a quarterly publication, we work to include all dates in the Diary in a timely manner. It may not always be possible to achieve this if there are any unforeseen delays in the publication process. However, to ensure your event is date relevant please submit information with the following in mind.

The content of the magazine is from contributions from local clubs and organisations, and individuals, covering topics of general and current interest. All contributions for consideration for publication are welcomed, and with space at a premium, it is well to send in your article/letter/comments as soon as possible!   Articles received after the deadline date cannot be accepted, and articles received near or at the deadline date may be shortened or may not be included if the magazine is already complete.

Adverts in AAM

There are two main sizes of Advertisement carried in AAM –

‘Small’ 56mm wide by 63mm high   £15 per issue payable 4 issues in advance (or pro rata for part year)

‘Large” 56mm wide by 130mm high (Portrait) or 118mm wide by 63mm high (Landscape)
£22.50 per issue payable 4 issues in advance (or pro rata for part year)

Other sizes are available – price on application

A text only or mixture of text plus graphics can be used. Layout is generally flexible within the confines of the space available. Graphics – we can accept most formats at ideally 300 dpi. Fonts – standard fonts are preferable. Please contact us if you need any further information on this or need assistance or advice.

Adverts should be submitted two weeks ahead of the scheduled deadline date.


Editor: Paul Egan 01225 892003

Advertising, Prepress and Administration: Ann Ballard 01225 891634

Distribution Coordinator: Sue Veitch 01225 891327